Walsenburg Three Mile Plan

In 1987, state legislature made changes to annexation law limiting municipal annexations to no more than three miles beyond the current municipal boundary in any given year.  Further, municipalities in Colorado are required to prepare and adopt a three-mile plan prior to annexing property into their territorial boundaries per C.R.S. 31-12-105 et. seq.  The three-mile plan is a long-range plan that outlines where municipalities intend to annex property and describes how they will ensure the adequate provision of services within the newly annexed territory and the remainder of the existing municipality.

Walsenburg's plan is outdated and does not reflect the post-Great Recession changes to land use and the economy. The City is currently conducting the economic, market, traffic, infrastructure and water supply studies in preparation for a Comprehensive and Three Mile Plan update that will carry Walsenburg forward for the next 20 years with responsible and sustainable growth.